Olympic White Original 2-in-1 Jumping Cut

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size: 24.00 W × 26.00 H × 2.00 L
LinerPad System Includes: Breathable, shock absorbing, machine washable top pad and removable inner liner pad; and carrying tote.
How to Use: The LinerPad fits discreetly under the top pad and securely attaches using the patent pending 5-Point Attachment System to ensure maximum stability.

Our 2-in-1 Iconic Equestrian™ LinerPad™ System perfectly fits the horse and saddle, includes a top pad and our exclusive removeable inner LinerPad to keep your saddle pad looking new. The LinerPad is specifically designed to keep your horse’s back dry and comfortable while protecting your saddle pad from sweat or dirt build-up. Learn how to attach and remove the liner


  • The LinerPad fits discreetly under the top pad and securely attaches using the patent pending 5-Point attachment system to ensure maximum stability.
  • The LinerPad is made from 100% high quality soft terry cotton to keep your horse’s back dry and comfortable. The natural cotton fibers of the LinerPad expand and contract as temperatures change to keep your horse comfortable at all temperatures.
  • Our premier shock absorbing fill in the top pad provides comfort and protection for the horse and rider.
  • Contoured to complement your horse’s conformation for comfort and to minimize pressure on the spine.
  • The exterior of the top pad is made with anti-fade, environmentally friendly fabric.
  • Soft cotton binding is designed to reduce friction and not pull your horse’s hair.
  • The reinforced girth protector leaves room for your girth to lay flat while extending the life of the top pad.

Care Instructions

Our LinerPads™ are designed to be washed often – they become more absorbent and effective each time they are washed. We recommend machine washing our LinerPads by themselves or with other LinerPads or towels. For best results, machine wash the LinerPad on cold, use our Magic Washing Balls to remove hair and lint and loosen stubborn dirt and stains, and hang dry. Do not use fabric softener.

If using the dryer, only use cool temperatures to dry the LinerPad. Excessive heat from the dryer may damage or alter some of the components of the product.

The top pad may be machine washed cold and hang dry. Give the top pad and the LinerPad a shake after drying. Do not use fabric softener.

The LinerPads may also be hand washed, using a hose to spray them down and scrubbing lightly with detergent, as needed.

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