Original 2-in-1 Dressage Liner Pad (Liner Only)

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size: 24.00 W × 26.00 H × 0.30 L

Our LinerPads™ are specifically designed for sensitive/cold backed horses. Made from 100% high quality soft cotton technical towelling, these soft saddle pad liners keep your horse’s back dry and comfortable and protect your saddle pad from sweat or dirt build-up.

Our thoroughly engineered Heat-Reactive fibers are woven into the towelling, which expands and contracts in different temperatures. When the fibers are hot or wet, they expand to open gaps and allow heat to escape. When the fibers are cold or dry, they collapse into a tight bundle to close gaps and reduce heat loss. Due to our Heat-Reactive fibers, these LinerPads™ are designed to not overheat your horse!

These individually packaged, washable LinerPads™ only work with our Original 2-in-1 top pads and cannot be used with other brands.


Our LinerPads™ are designed to be washed often – they become more absorbent and effective each time they are washed. We recommend machine washing our LinerPads by themselves or with other LinerPads or towels.

For best results, machine wash the LinerPad on cold, use our Magic Washing Balls to remove hair and lint and loosen stubborn dirt and stains, and hang dry. Do not use fabric softener.

If using the dryer, only use cool temperatures to dry the LinerPad. Excessive heat from the dryer may damage or alter some of the components of the product. Give the LinerPad a shake after drying. Do not use fabric softener.

The LinerPads may also be hand washed, using a hose to spray them down and scrubbing lightly with detergent, as needed.

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